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Memorial Portrait Image Guidelines

The image you upload is the most important part of your order and crucial to the quality of your custom memorial portrait. Let’s review the following guidelines to make sure your artwork is picture perfect:

  • Upload a photo of your loved one taken during daylight hours (landscape or portrait)
  • Avoid photos taken at night or with dark lighting (large shadows)
  • Please avoid using any filters to ensure we can color your artwork correctly
  • Need us to include your family from multiple photos? Select the 'Combine Photos' add-on when placing your order, and we'll combine all your photos into one artwork.
  • Want to add angel wings to your loved one? Select the 'Add Angel Wings' add-on when placing your order, and our artists will paint them as an angel. 
  • Unless you have ordered a sketch portrait, we cannot accept black & white or scanned photos
  • Please note: The background of the image you upload will not be illustrated in your final memorial portrait. 

Good Example

Good Image 1
  • Photo taken in daylight hours with minimal shadows
  • Clear, high resolution image

Good Example

Good Image 2
  • Person is facing the camera
  • High resolution image

Bad Example

Bad Image 1
  • Face is not clearly visible
  • Black and white scanned photo
  • Poor lighting

Bad Example

Bad Image 2
  • Low image quality
  • Scanned photo
  • Person not looking at the camera

Not sure?

Email your image to us  ( and we can assess your photo. We understand it's not always possible to follow all of the guidelines above.

Generally, our digital artists can still create your memorial portrait.